Remote Patient Monitoring 
Ambient Assisted Living

In our day-to-day life, we are constantly producing health-related data, but we do not always collect it and put it at the service of health itself.

To make some use out of this precious data, a horizontal platform in health  emerged that brings together three dimensions:

- Interface for healthcare professionals where they can view the collected data, processed using machine learning, and translated into dashboards, triggering differentiated alerts/notifications for each situation. It is through this same app that healthcare professionals can communicate with their patients via chat or video call.

- App or equipment for users that includes a virtual voice assistant that collects data, interacts with the user, makes personalized alerts and suggestions, helping them commit more to their health. It is also through this software that communication with health professionals is made.

- IoT device and wearables integration hub allowing the collection of data through the various equipment available on the market, since we built our system in order to make a relatively easy integration with other devices. This way, we use the hardware that best suits each project, regardless of its manufacturer.


Machine Learning

We use machine learning to detect deviations in the patterns of the data collected from patients, going beyond a parameterized alert system.

Virtual Voice Assistant

With the ability to read and understand natural language, the virtual voice assistant creates a relationship with each user, making the user experience highly personalized.

Devices Hub

We can use the most suitable equipment for the specific needs of each project, as our platform is easily integrable with existing devices on the market.


Home Hospitalization

The solution allows the monitoring of patients in a postoperative context, allowing the assessment of vital signs and monitoring of their health status, in the comfort of their homes. Patients with chronic diseases can also be monitored remotely, reducing the number of home visits by health professionals, while increasing effective patient monitoring.

Therapeutic Adherence

The WHO estimated that around 50% of chronic patients do not comply with their treatment plans. A significant part of the failures is due to the forgetfulness of takings. Our solution includes a smart pillbox and an app that helps patients and comply with the therapeutic plan, also allowing for stock management, pharmacovigilance, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the prescribed therapeutic plan.

Other Applications

We conceptualize other solutions for ambient assisted living, promoting the digitization of the collection and sharing of information, both in the context of the relationship with patients and with regard to the internal processes of health professionals. Different types of IoT devices, weighing scales, and alert communication systems (SMS, IVR, …) can be integrated. Additional platform components can also be developed.